• Common Pet illness symptoms
    Common Pet Illness Symptoms Having pets is one of life's simple yet great joys, but there are also times when being a pet owner can be stressful. On most days, we Read more
  • Signs of Pet Heat Stroke and What to Do
    Just like humans, pets can develop heat stroke. When the weather is hot, it's important for pet owners to be aware of their pet and what temperatures they are in. Read more
  • Protecting Your Pet from Heat Stroke
    After a long winter, you and your pets are ready to head outdoors to soak up the heat from the sun. Yet, your pet can develop heat stroke. At the Read more
  • Pet Allergies FAQs
    Pets can suffer from allergies just like humans can. They can cause your pet pain and discomfort, which is why it's important to manage your pet's allergies effectively. At West Read more
  • Caring For Your Geriatric Pet
    When a pet reaches the senior stage, it will undergo a lot of changes. Pets will often become less playful and energetic, and they may have more pain than they Read more
  • Parvo
    Your dog is susceptible to all sorts of diseases, from heartworm to canine influenza. One of the more contagious diseases is canine parvovirus, a virus that results in serious illness. Read more
  • Pet Exams
    At West Boca Veterinary Center, we provide top-notch care for our furry clients. Pet exams are essential to your pet’s healthcare and can help us catch potential problems early. A Read more
  • Signs of Arthritis in Pets
    Arthritis is a common problem in pets, especially as they get older. The symptoms can be mild or severe, and it's important to catch the condition early so your pet Read more
  • How to Tell If Your Pet Has an Eye Infection
    Most pet owners will tell you that their furry friends are like members of the family. Just like with humans, it's important to be able to spot signs of illness Read more
  • Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets
    It's no secret that pets are a huge part of many families. Providing companionship to unconditional love, they are family members. That's why ensuring your pet is vaccinated against preventable Read more
  • Urgent Care Information
    If you are a dog or cat owner, you know the importance of keeping your pet in the best of health. When your pet falls ill or has an injury Read more
  • Spay and Neuter FAQs
    Are you considering getting a spay or neuter for your pet but unsure which one will be suitable? Don't fret if you have no clue what are 'spay and neuter' Read more
  • The Importance of Spaying and Neutering
    The decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most important decisions you will make as a pet owner. Our veterinarians perform spay and neuter procedures at Read more
  • When to Seek Urgent Care for Your Pet
    If your pet has been in an accident or if he or she is feeling ill, it can be hard to determine if you should take it to a pet Read more
  • Signs of Pet Heat Stroke and What to Do
    While many pet owners don’t think about it, pets suffer from the hot weather just as we do. Humans can sweat to regulate their temperatures, but our pets can’t. This Read more
  • Protecting Your Pet From Heat Stroke
    Living in the tropical climate of the south brings warmer temperatures and higher humidity. These two factors carry an increased risk for pets developing heat stroke. At West Boca Veterinary Read more

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