Pet Exams

The Importance of Regular Pet Exams

Our pets are part of our family, and making sure that they are cared for and that they are healthy is a must. For those in the Boca Raton area, West Boca Veterinary Center offers some of the best vet care possible.


Why Are Routine Pet Exams Important?

Your pets get sick just like you can. They can also go for months on end without any issue. Just as humans are encouraged to get a routine exam, your pet should be getting checked out by a vet on a routine basis as part of your pet care routine. Routine exams are a normal part of pet ownership that include things like a physical of your pet to check and see how they look and how they act. Your veterinarian might also order lab work with blood draws being taken and specimen samples being collected as well.

These routine exams are important because they help to not only foster a healthy relationship between the veterinarian and your pet, but they also help to make sure that your vet has the latest information on the condition of your pet. Routine pet exams ensure that if you do have to visit the veterinarian for an emergency, he or she is up to date on your pet’s condition and can make a better informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

When should Your Pet See the Vet?

In cases where your pet is healthy and you have not noticed that there is anything wrong with your pet, annual visits are sufficient. These yearly visits are a great way for your vet to track your pet’s weight and vitals, to keep track of the way your pet is growing, and to truly make sure that you are caring for your pet and that they are thriving and doing well. This is also a great chance for your vet to look for problems, to start to adjust care patterns for your pets based on how they are doing, and to just keep up with your pets and check for things that you might not notice as their owner.

For those in the Boca Raton area, West Boca Veterinary Center is here to offer your pets the care they need and deserve. Contact us to set up an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.

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