Signs of Pet Heat Stroke and What to Do

Pet Heat Stroke

Just like humans, pets can develop heat stroke. When the weather is hot, it's important for pet owners to be aware of their pet and what temperatures they are in. When pets have heat stroke, it can be extremely debilitating to them. It's always better to prevent heat stroke in the first place, but if it does happen, you need to know what the symptoms are and what to do next. When you need a veterinarian for pet heat stroke in Boca Raton, FL, give our vet office a call for your pet's health exam. We at West Boca Veterinary Center are here to help.

Symptoms of Pet Heat Stroke

If your pet has been in hot temperatures for a long time, or the temperatures are particularly hot, he may develop heat stroke. Some of the symptoms that your pet may have include panting a lot, drooling excessively, vomiting, and having a difficult time breathing. Your pet might seem uncoordinated and stumble around. He may also collapse or have seizures because of their high temperature. Watch your pet closely when they are outdoors in the heat to watch for any of these symptoms of pet heat stroke. 

Helping Your Pet

The first step is to get them out of the heat. Then, you need to bring their body temperature down. Heat stroke can cause extreme damage to your pet's health and can even be fatal, so you need to act fast. One way to cool them down is to run cool (not cold) water over a towel and then wrap the towel around the pet. You might also want to put them in a cool (not cold) water bath to bring their temperature down. If they don't bounce back from these methods, you may need to see the vet about the problem right away. 

Call for a Veterinarian on Our Team

When your pet is has pet heat stroke, it can be a good idea to get help. Call us at our Boca Raton, FL, office and get your pet to the help they need. Call us at (561) 451-8838 for West Boca Veterinary Center. We are here to help.

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