Pet Allergies

If you're in the Boca Raton, FL, area and your pet seems to be struggling with allergies, we at West Boca Veterinary Center can help. From sneezing and eye trouble to dry skin and other skin irritation issues, allergies can be frustrating and stressful for your pet. A veterinarian on our team can help by treating the allergies themselves and any symptoms that are causing your pet distress. 

Pet allergies

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Pet allergies have a lot of different causes. Just like people, animals can be allergic to grass, trees, and flowers. They can also have allergies to other things in their environment, like certain types of chemicals used in the home. Additionally, they might have food allergies, such as a sensitivity to grain. Finding the cause of your pet's allergy is important because good pet care will involve avoiding that allergen if possible and treating the symptoms if avoidance isn't realistic.

Is Dry Skin an Allergy?

Dry skin or other skin irritation issues aren't an allergy but they can certainly be caused by one. If your pet is allergic to something that he is coming into contact with, he could end up with dry, flaky skin, or red, inflamed areas that itch.

Allergy Control Is Part of Pet Care

Good allergy control is part of quality pet care and you and a veterinarian on our team can work together to find out what's causing your pet to sneeze, wheeze, scratch his skin, or have other symptoms, such as runny or watery eyes. There are allergy medications that can be used for pets and that can help them feel better and enjoy their time with you more fully. Especially for unavoidable allergens, like pollen, treatment to reduce the symptoms is the right choice in many cases.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian for Skin Irritation and Dry Skin

If you're in the Boca Raton, FL, area and looking for a veterinarian near you, we at West Boca Veterinary Center are here to help. We know that finding the source of a pet allergy can sometimes be challenging and we want to work with you to find the source of the problem as quickly as possible. After we discover the cause, we can recommend the right treatment to ease your pet's symptoms, so the two of you can get back to all of your adventures. Call us at (561) 451-8838 to get pet care for skin irritation and dry skin.

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