Cat Grooming

While it’s a common misconception that cats groom themselves, they can also benefit from grooming services from West Boca Veterinary Center in Boca Raton, just like any other furry family member. From trimming their nails to removing matted fur from long-haired kitties, our veterinarians will have your cat looking and feeling his best in no time. With a visit to our veterinary center, you can take care of all your pet grooming and pet bathing needs. 

Cat Grooming

Why Should I Professionally Groom My Cat?

Since cats tend to dislike baths, it can be helpful to work with professionals to get the job done safely. If you know that your cat dreads bath time, having a professional complete the task can make it as quick and comfortable as possible. Additionally, if you choose to trim your cat’s nails, a professional will be able to clip overgrown nails without accidentally cutting the skin.

When your cat gets into dirt and grime, a bath from a professional may also be in order. By using shampoos and other products that are safe for use on cats, we clean your cat while considering his health and well-being. Going to the veterinarian can be stressful for cats, but our pet grooming and pet bathing professionals make this process as simple and stress-free as possible for your feline friend.

The Benefits of Cat Grooming

When you groom your cat regularly, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Firstly, trimming his nails regularly keeps him from getting too long. You’ll notice the difference when your cat accidentally swipes at your leg after a trimming. You can also avoid health problems by regularly trimming your cat's nails. Ingrown nails are a painful problem for cats. Taking your cat to a professional to manage his nail length can help you navigate this issue if it’s happening or prevent it if your cat isn’t experiencing ingrown nails currently.

For long-haired cats, regular trips to our groomers can ensure that their coat stays in top condition. Issues like matted fur and overall unruliness are routinely addressed by our staff. Long-haired cats may also have a harder time grooming certain parts of their body. Professional grooming can keep skin issues, parasitic infections, and related problems at bay. While you may have a hard time spotting these problems through your cat’s coat, our professionals are trained to identify signs of fleas, ticks, skin infections, and irritation. The greatest perk of grooming your cat is seeing how happy and healthy it makes him.

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