Pet Exams

Pet Wellness Exams

At West Boca Veterinary Center, we provide top-notch care for our furry clients. Pet exams are essential to your pet’s healthcare and can help us catch potential problems early. A typical visit includes a physical exam, blood tests, X-rays, and dental checkups.

What to Expect during a Pet Exam

Pet exams are routine checks that all pets should have annually. We must observe your pet's behavior and body language and look for abnormalities. In addition, we will discuss diet, exercise, and any concerns you may have.

Our vet will also screen for common conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These exams are part of the preventative care that helps your pet live a long and healthy life. Many pets also need to have their teeth examined and cleaned. This cleaning is called a dental exam or oral exam. We will also check your pet's ears and eyes for common infections and eye diseases.

Why Pets Should Have Exams Often

Pets grow and change rapidly, and there can be silent conditions. Catching potential harmful diseases can help your pet live a healthier life. In addition, having a trusted veterinarian can help you trust your pet's health. When you bring your pet in for an exam, our veterinarian will ask questions about behaviors and habits, general health, and past medical history.

After Your Pet's Exam

Once your pet has checked with our vet, we recommend continuing a healthy lifestyle at home. These habits include:

  • Feeding a high-quality diet
  • Engaging in plenty of exercises
  • Following guidelines for follow-up visits for vaccines

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Your pet deserves the best care possible in the Boca Raton area. At West Boca Veterinary Center, we provide your pet caring professional veterinary care. Contact us today at (561) 451-8838 to schedule an appointment, or if we have any questions, you can answer them. Our staff looks forward to meeting your furry companions!

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