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Owners of dogs and cats in Boca Raton are always seeing, not only the highest quality of veterinary care, but also the widest range of veterinary services for their furry friends. Here at West Boca Veterinary Center, we offer the best of both of those worlds. Check out the services and technique available from any veterinarian on our experienced team.

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Wellness Examinations

Regular wellness examinations help us know the exact state of your pet's current health and catch any problems that might need treatment.

Emergency Medicine

Emergencies such as traumatic injuries, difficult labor, heat stroke, poisoning, seizures, and foreign object ingestion all call for prompt, skilled care. Our emergency team can perform immediate diagnosis and lifesaving treatment.


Dogs and cats need vaccinations for protection against lurking germs that could cause deadly infections. We can provide essential core vaccinations, elective (non-core) vaccinations, and periodic booster shots.

Health Certificates

Do you need to show proof of your pet's rabies shots or other health status? We can provide the necessary health certificates for interstate relocations, boarding stays and other situations.

Grooming and Bathing

We can provide haircuts, baths, anal gland expression, and toe clipping to keep your pet in a clean, happy, healthy condition. Bathing options include hypoallergenic or medicated shampoos as needed.

Spays, Neuters, Declaws

Spay and neuter surgery can protect your pet against reproductive diseases and other health threats even as it prevents pregnancies. If your pet's sharp claws are jeopardizing your ability to keep him, our declawing services might help him retain his "forever home."

Soft Tissue Surgery

We can perform tumor removals, orthopedic procedures, and other forms of soft tissue surgery to help your pet combat an illness or injury.

Internal Medicine

When your pet is sick, we have the internal medicine he needs. From sophisticated diagnostic imaging to comprehensive medical treatments, your veterinarian will work to make your pet well again.

Anesthetic and Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

We can provide full-scale dental cleanings under anesthetic or lighter, non-anesthetic dental cleanings to help your pet avoid periodontal disease.


Dogs and cats are prone to a variety of skin problems. Our dermatology services can treat infections, allergies and other discomforts.


Radiology (X-rays) let us diagnose internal issues quickly and accurately.


Our neurology services can help diagnose and treat issues ranging from paralysis and cognitive problems to seizures.


We can check and treat your pet's heart function through state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

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