Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness At West Boca Veterinary Center

Bringing a pet into your family is a life long commitment, even through your pet's senior years.  Understanding that your cat or dog may have different requirements as he or she ages is key to providing the best health care possible.  Below, let's examine some ways that you can help accommodate your senior pet and keep him or her happy and healthy.



Most of the time, older pets slow down and don't require as much vigorous exercise as puppies and kittens might.  Your exercise routine for your pet should change as your pet's activity level changes.  Understand that sometimes rough play and running on hard surfaces, like pavement, can be painful to sore or stiff joints.  Swimming can be a great alternative.  Not only does it keep your pet active but it is a very low impact exercise.  Runs and walks should be kept to 15 or 20 minutes.  Instead of long, tiring walks, try a few shorter walks throughout the day.


Now that your pet is slowing down he or she will not require as many calories in the day.  Cats and dogs who remain on a diet intended for a pet with a high activity level can become obese in a short amount of time.  Obesity in pets can lead to medical conditions such as diabetes.  Instead, select a diet for your senior pet that is a low calorie option.  For dogs, you can even supplement the food with some fresh vegetables like green beans or carrots.

Veterinary Care

Just because your pet is older does not mean that veterinary care can go by the wayside.  If anything, regular wellness exams are even more important as your pet ages.  A veterinarian will be able to quickly diagnose any changes in your pet's health and recommend the correct treatment.  Be sure to also pay particular attention to your pet's teeth and gums.  As pets age, teeth can become brittle and crack or break.  These broken teeth can be a perfect place for dangerous bacteria to enter the body.  Making sure your pet stays up to date with regular teeth cleaning exams is a great way for the veterinarian to inspect all the teeth and make sure everything is in good health.  

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