Common Pet Problems that Lead to an Emergency Vet Visit

Accidents happen and you never know what could bring you and your furry friends to find emergency pet care in Boca Raton. Use these pragmatic tips to help protect your dog or cat, but also know what kind of situations could bring you to West Boca Animal Center in Boca Raton for urgent care.

Common Pet Problems 

Boca Raton veterinarians report an influx of emergency admissions due to the following injuries and conditions:


Probably the main reason you might seek urgent care is an accident, injury, or trauma, including dog bites or being hit by a car. These are situations that could result in fractures, flesh wounds, and even fatality. Go to the nearest veterinary clinic or hospital right away.

Infection or Illness

Another reason you may bring your dog in for emergency treatment is illness that manifests in vomiting, lethargy, or weight-loss. Behavioral changes always merit further evaluation, including a visit to your regular veterinary provider.


If you believe your pet has ingested poison, go to the emergency veterinary hospital immediately. Toxins like chocolate, xylitol, or antifreeze can be lethal. Take your pet to the vet without delay.


Does your pet have seizures? Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is a seizure so inform your regular veterinary provider of the symptoms. Seizures can be fatal but are often treatable. Talk to your vet to learn more.


You may also fly to the vet hospital if your pet experiences an allergic reaction. It is most-common for pets to be allergic to food, like grains or chicken. Restrict their diet to rule-out specific things and talk to your vet about an allergy test. It may also help to keep medication on-hand to treat allergic reactions when they occur.

Dental Pain

Emergency dental work is another reason you may unexpectedly turn-up at your vet’s. Dental issues can cause serious infections that impact your dog’s vital organs. Plus, dental pain makes it hard for your pet to eat and maintain weight.  

Let Us Help Protect Your Pet in an Emergency. 

If your dog has been injured or is ill, come see us at West Boca Veterinary Center in Boca Raton, FL, and call 561-451-8838 to let us know that you are on your way. We want to help you and take care of your furry friend in times of crisis and emergency.

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