Why boarding your pet at an Animal Hospital is best?

Why Boarding Your Pet at an Animal Hospital Is Best

When it comes to boarding your pet in Boca Raton, boarding with an animal hospital or your veterinarian can be the best option. At West Boca Veterinary Center, you can be certain that your pet receives the best care during their stay. Let’s look at the benefits of choosing an animal hospital to board your furry friend.

Experienced Care

The staff at a veterinary clinic are used to working with different kinds of animals and in different conditions. They will be familiar with the temperaments and needs of different breeds of cats and dogs.

Clean Facilities

Hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance, especially when it comes to the care of your pet. A vet facility already tends to be hygienic and well-kept since veterinarians understand how cleanliness plays a role in the welfare of animals. Just because the place is spotless doesn’t mean that your pets won’t receive the affection, attention, and love they crave while you are away.

Immediate Medical Attention

You may not want to think about something happening to your pet while you are away but once in a while, a dog’s nail catches or a cat scratches their eye and they need treatment in order to prevent any infection. In some other cases, dogs could have an illness as a result of an existing health condition. If an illness or injury does occur then it is important that your pet receives professional and immediate medical care. At your vet, they get the best care and doctors are available immediately or they are on call. This is especially important for any animals with special needs or elderly pets that may need a bit more care.

It’s a Familiar Facility

If we are your regular vet, then your pet is already used to being at our veterinary clinic. The pet’s medical information and history are also already available to the staff and the veterinarians on duty are already familiar with your pet. A familiar face can do a world of good in keeping your pet calm.

Designed with Pets in Mind

When you board at your veterinarian, your pet isn’t just given a place to eat and sleep. Veterinarians know what animals need more than anyone. Pets will receive their medication requirements on time every day. There will also be plenty of room for your pet to be comfortable and get playtime and exercise. They can socialize with other animals but only under the supervision of a trained professional as we understand that not all pets feel like being social all of the time.

Local Pet Boarding in Boca Raton

If you’re in the Boca Raton area and you’re planning a trip without your pet, then make us a part of your plan. Call West Boca Veterinary Center at (561) 451-8838 to check the availability of our pet boarding services.

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